Blue+King Hand Sanitizer Pair - Aloe

Blue+King Hand Sanitizer Pair - Aloe - Uganda
Blue+King Hand Sanitizer Pair - Aloe - Uganda
  • Blue+King Hand Sanitizer Pair - Aloe - Uganda
  • Blue+King Hand Sanitizer Pair - Aloe - Uganda
Description :

Blue+King Hand Sanitizer
The Invisible Companions : Germs (or microbes) are tiny creatures that individually are too small to see such as bacteria, fungi and viruses. Germs are found everywhere: in the soil, water and air, in animals, plants, rocks and even us! Most germs are harmless, some are also useful but a few can cause illness lime flue, common cold and diarrhea. some of the germs such as E.coil, hepatitis A, Listeria can be fatal. There are about a million gems on our hands even though our hands look clean!
Use Blue+King anytime anywhere : Before eating food/cooking, after using the toilet, during travel, after coughing/sneezing, before touching infants, before & after changing baby's diaper, before and after caring for an ill person, before and after contact with pets, after contact with surfaces in public places, after smoking.
Ideal For : Hospitals & health care/hotels and restaurants/offices/day care centers, schools/clinical labs/beauty parlours/fitness centers/airlines & flight kitchens/pharma & cosmetic Ind./amusement Parks
The Blue+King advantages : Blue+King is an alcohol based instant hand sanitizer which kills 99.9% of most common disease causing germs within seconds./effective against bacteria, virus and fungi/self-drying gel hence reduced risk of recontamination/vitamin 'E' nourishes the skin/moisturizer makes skin softer and reduces skin irritation caused due to frequent hand wash/ takes only few seconds for use/convenient and handy/nontoxic and dye free/mild fresh fragrance
Research Shows that people do not wash their hands as often or as well as they think they do. No Soap No water no towels your health in your hands us Blue+King self dry hand gel
Directions : Put a coin sized drop of Blue+King in your palm and rub hands briskly until dry. When hands are dry, germs have been eliminate
Unfortunately, due to the nature of the product, it cannot be returned.

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