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Buy LG Electronics Online in Uganda

LG is an Electronics manufacturing company based in Seoul, South Korea. It's a part of LG Corporation which comprise four business lines; Home Entertainment, Home Appliances And Air Solutions, Mobile Communications and Vehicle Components. LG as a Corporation was founded in 1958 as a GoldStar which later rebranded to become a household name known as LG which has become one of the leaders in the production of Electronics and other components for its customers. LG came into being after the Korean War so as to cater to the country's consumer electronics and home appliances need.


The "L" in LG means Lak-Hui which is pronounced as Lucky while the "G" means GoldStar. These names formerly merged together in 28th February 1995 to become LG Electronics as it is now known globally. Before merged of the name, household products were sold under the license of brand name Lucky while the Electronics products were sold under the authority of GoldStar corporation. LG Electronics produced first South Korea's TVs, radios, washing machines, refrigerators, and air conditioners.


In 2004, the slogan "Digitally Yours" was changed to "Life's Good". LG is a multinational electronics company which has expanded to many Africa countries and wherever they go, they make their presence felt with high-quality products. LG changed the way we watch TV when they announced and released their "Time Machine" TV that enables you to record a live programme while you are watching a separate programme from a different TV channel.


When you shop online, there is a variety of LG products available that you can get for yourself or your home. LG products range from mobile phones, televisions, home theatre systems, washers and dryers, refrigerators and freezers as well as air conditioners and air purifiers. Whether you want a new laptop computer or gaming monitors or 4K/5K ultra fine monitors for your gaming and graphics needs. LG has them all in store for you to choose from.


Do you want a sleek, stylish and durable home appliances for your home or do you intend to change the look of your kitchen and you need a new kitchen and dining accessories to make your kitchen look modern and lit? With our LG appliances, you will be able to choose from a wide range of products on offer for your home and kitchen. Order for your brand new LG Smartphones as well as get your living room pampered with LG Smart TVs and Home Theatre Systems.


Where to Buy LG Electronics Online

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