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Find a job in Uganda with Everjobs.ug

If you search for jobs, you can easily get distracted. It can be a long and tiring process. Creating your CV, applying for jobs, preparing for interviews, being rejected and having to start all over again: it can take away your motivation and energy if you are not careful. Do not worry though, there are many jobs in Uganda and Everjobs.ug is here to give you just the pieces of advice you need to find the perfect job for you. Below are some tips on how to find a job. We want to increase your chances to get an interview and a proposition. If you are looking for more information or career advice, please have a look at our Helpful Resources.


Search for jobs

There are positions for everyone: whether you are looking for a job in construction, engineering, computer/IT or accounting – amongst many other categories – EverJobs has something to offer. On our website, you can find jobs in Kampala, Kira or many other cities. Uganda is full of job opportunities and we will make sure you grab the best one. Follow our simple instructions and you can create an online profile in less than five minutes. We will design an online CV for you – you just have to answer a few questions and your application is ready to be sent to hiring companies. No papers, no mailing, everything is online and you can apply directly for the jobs you like. And finding the right jobs for you is super easy. Thanks to our powerful job search engine, you can use filters to choose your preferred job location, title, industry or career level and you immediately find what you are looking for. You can even filter on your favorite company to see what vacancies they have. No need to skim through many newspapers, go to one place to another to leave your resume: everything is online and you save much time. You won’t believe how easy it is.


Apply for jobs

One of the advantages of applying for jobs online, is the fact that you can save interesting jobs. You can browse for the industry and job type you like and save the jobs that interest you. They will be saved into your account in the “Saved Jobs” section after you login. In this section you have an overview of the job title, when it was posted, the company, the industry and its location. In this way, you can refer back to them whenever you want, so you can take the time to review your CV and think about why you want to have this job. Your CV is your personal business card, so make sure that it is a good reflection of your skills and personality. Try to craft your CV in such a way that it is complete, so that employers have a good overview of who you are. Our CV generator allows you to showcase all your personal details, experience, education, skills, targeted job, languages, interest and activities and formats all this information for you, so that you do not have to worry about the lay-out. Be sure that you fill out all the required information that is necessary for the job, but try to add as many details as possible. Remember, you want to convince this company that you are the only right candidate for the job. Ready? Create your CV. The search for jobs has never been easier with our unique generator. Edit your CV slightly for every different job you apply to. You can keep the core information the same, but alter your interests and activities for example, so that it better fits the job details. Always be as relevant for employers as possible, but never lie. If you are invited to an interview, you should be able to answer all questions honestly.


The question “how to find a job?”, is answered by Everjobs.ug. With the tips above, it will be much easier to find the job that suits you best. Follow them and you will be sure to boost your career in just a matter of seconds!