How to pay

Your different means of payment


Fast and secure

  • Pay with your Mobile Money account!
  • Almost instant refund process, once approved.
  • Simple, fast and secure payments. Available at time of delivery as well.

Airtel Money

Airtel Money

  • Pay with your Airtel Money at no extra cost!
  • Almost instant refund process, once approved.
  • Simple, fast and secure payments. Available at time of delivery as well.

Mastercard & Visa

Mastercard & Visa

  • Pay safe, pay easy at no extra cost.
  • Simple, fast and secure payments. Available at time of delivery as well.

Pay on Delivery

Pay on delivery

  • No risk, as in the shop but at home.
  • Do not like what you received? Return it for free.

How to choose the payment method?

During the payment stage, you will have the choice between " MTN Mobile Money ", " Airtel Money ", "Card "," Pay on delivery " in the menu, to either pay on delivery or pay by mobile money

It's easy, it's simple and it's secure.


Frequently asked Questions

If you do not have the option to put products in your cart, it is because the product requires to select either size or color before you can continue. Once done, you will be allowed to place the product in your cart. It is also possible that the product is marked as Out of Stock on the site.

JumiaPay on delivery is an easy, quick method of payment which allows you to pay by card and mobile money at the time of delivery instead of

You simply have to follow the steps below:

  • Ask our delivery/PUS agent to use JumiaPay to pay for your package
  • The agent will share a QR code with you. Scan it to be redirected to the JumiaPay checkout platform. Alternatively, the agent may send you the link to the checkout page via SMS
  • Once on the JumiaPay platform, you may either login with your Jumia account, or opt to pay as a guest. If you choose to login, you will be prompted to receive a OTP via SMS/email before proceeding to the checkout
  • Please follow the payment steps as indicated
  • Once the payment is completed, the delivery/PUS agent will receive a confirmation message, and will hand you your package

On rare occasions, your payment may not be successful. Please ensure you input the correct payment information (card number, expiry date, CVV), and that you have sufficient funds on your card/account. Also, network and connectivity issues with your issuing bank may lead to a payment failure. Your bank may also send you a verification code (OTP) via SMS, so please ensure you have access to your phone at the time of completing the transaction. A transaction on the payment platform is valid for a limited period of time, so please ensure you complete it before it times out. Should you require additional assistance, please contact us.

UG-specific: If you have opted to pay as a guest, you will be refunded through the same payment method, which means that orders paid via card will be refunded back to your bank account, whereas orders paid by Mobile money will be refunded back to your Mobile money account. If you opted to pay through your Jumia account, then orders paid by card will be refunded in the form of Jumia store credit, which you can then use on Jumia and Jumia Food. Orders paid by Mobile money will still be refunded back to your Mobile money account.

Yes, the person receiving the package may scan the QR code shown by the delivery/PUs agent. Alternatively, the agent can send the link to the JumiaPay checkout platform to the person who will pay for the order.

First check that the mail validation of your order is not in the "spam" folder of your inbox. If you do not find this information, please contact Contact us here.

If you can not find a product after using the search bar or control across our different categories, it means that the product you are looking for is not available on our website for sale

This could be the result of a browser compatibility issue. Please check the status of your internet connection first, then resume the operation using another browser.

You will only be allowed to pay in our local currency the UGX Uganda Shillings as all deliveries are made in Uganda.

The prices available on the site are non-negotiable, the best available discounts have already been applied.

Only one payment method can be selected for the same order.

The mobile app is a replica of the Jumia site designed for use on smartphones and tablets. It gives you access to the same features as the website.

Jumia Uganda offers 3 payment methods:

  1. Payment via MTN Mobile Money
  2. Payment via Airtel Money
  3. Cash payment on delivery

Cash on delivery not available

The reason could be:

  • You have in your cart a product "shipped from abroad (see the" Jumia Global "logo)" or a digital product (eg coupons).
  • Your place of delivery (location or relay point) does not accept cash payment on delivery
  • Cash payment on delivery is currently disabled on your account.

Our system reported that your account was associated with an unusual number of canceled / rejected orders, and for this reason, the "Cash On Delivery" option is currently disabled on your account.

Cash on delivery will be activated on your account when your next two orders are delivered successfully.

Contact us Contact us here.