VJR E- Scooter

VJR E- Scooter - Uganda
VJR E- Scooter - Uganda
VJR E- Scooter - Uganda
VJR E- Scooter - Uganda
  • VJR E- Scooter - Uganda
  • VJR E- Scooter - Uganda
  • VJR E- Scooter - Uganda
  • VJR E- Scooter - Uganda
Description :

VJR Electric Motorcycle is an electric motorcycle that transports you quickly, smoothly, quietly and very cost effectively. It saves you money, as it uses 500/= (worth of electricity) to travel 60-80 kilometer.

VJR Electric Motorcycle needs very little servicing, it’s also super simple to ride as you just turn on and twist the accelerator to go. No starting, no gears, no clutches. It’s plugged in to any standard wall socket to charge using domestic electricity.

Individuals require a lot of riding; this comes with costs of fuel and maintenance which brings serious costs to individuals. VJR Electric Motorcycle is very reliable with a proven track record in saving money for individuals using it around the world.
Product description
• Origin: China (Main land)
• Body size: 1.58m*0.5m*1.00m
• Brand name: Flyingeagle
• Model: FE-VJR-002
• Motor power: 1500W
• Tubeless tyre size: 12 inch
• Battery: 60V20A
• Maximum speed: 60km/hr.
• Riding distance: 60-80km
• Charging time: 8hours
• Cost per charge: 0.5kw/h (500/=)
• Loading capacity: 150 kg
• Climbing capacity: 450
• Remote control: Lock & Alarm
• Instruments: digital speedometer/odometer, volt gauge, turn signal/high beam indicators
1. double rear-view mirror 2.high/low beam automotive grade dual LED headlamps, front and rear turn signal
• Safety Equipment: rear position lamp
• Security: dual remote control, a power start, the motor lock, night car search function
• LED Meter& USB: Record of speed , mileage &USB for mobile phone
• Entertainment: Blue tooth speaker that can to connect to your mobile phone to play music.
• Head light: Fashionable LED
• : Braking: Front disk& Rear drum brake
• Product name VJR
• Available colours: Pink, Blue, purple,Green,Yellow
• Maintenance: Qualified staff (i.e. certified mechanics) and necessary spare parts are available for the purpose of providing adequate maintenance services to our customers.
• Post-sale services: Logbook and registration number plate are provided.

Benefits of using VJR Electric motorcycle

Maintenance – Needs very little servicing because it has very few moving parts.

Operational cost – VJR has low operational costs as It basically uses 0.5kw/h worth 500/= of domestic electricity to travel 60-80 km.

Simple to ride – Has no gears, no clutches to worry about. Just put in the key and twist the accelerator to go.

Quiet & zero emission – Makes no sound and no gas emissions. It rides very smooth and easy, so the riders don’t get tired, leading to fewer accidents.
Environment – More and more people are concerned about the environment and using VJR Electric Motorcycle is an indicator that shows that you are doing something about emissions and caring for our environment.

Why choose VJR Electric Motorcycle

The savings with using VJR Electric Motorcycle are huge in terms of money and time. The concept is actually very simple, VJR Electric Motorcycle saves on servicing, fuel and depreciation costs. This is so because each charge travels 60-80 km using 0.5kw/h worth of electricity which costs around 500 /=. A fuel motorcycle can use 10000/= worth of fuel to travel 60-80 km. This saves about 9,500/= per 60-80 km travelled using VJR Electric Motorcycle. it requires little servicing because it has three main parts the motor, the electric battery and the charger , there are no belts, chains, pistons or gears to wear out and no filters, spark plugs or oils to change and no valves or clutches to adjust. Less servicing means less cost, less trips to the garage and more time on the road.

Care of the environment is an important consideration for all of us. VJR Electric Motorcycle has zero emissions, its clean & energy efficient technology. Therefore driving VJR Electric Motorcycle is driving a cleaner and healthier future for us all.

The average range specified with the VJR Electric Motorcycle is what most riders will achieve with medium paced smooth riding. For example, VJR Electric Motorcycle has a mileage endurance range of 60-80 km per charge with a maximum speed of 60 km/h.

VJR Electric Motorcycle is much cheaper to run because there is less servicing needed. It doesn’t have belts, chains, pistons or gears to wear out and no filters, spark plugs or oils to change and no valves or clutches to adjust. Therefore using VJR Electric Motorcycle means great performance, almost free fuel, and low running cost, longer service intervals and more time on the road. As part of the servicing our technicians check all the important components of VJR electric motorcycle such as batteries, motors, controllers, chargers, brakes, suspension, steering, lights etc. Our team will manage all your servicing and spare parts needs. We offer warrantee and guarantee period for the motor (3years, first year replaced for free while second and third repaired for free in case of a quality problem). The battery, controller, charger and the alarm have one year warrantee (replaced for free in case of a problem). The Charging time for VJR Electric Motorcycle is 8 hours for its battery to get fully charged.

VJR Electric Motorcycle has an electronic security system with remote controls can help to keep it away from thieves. This remote control helps in Arming/Disarming, Keyless remote Motor Start. It has four buttons remote transmitters, compact, powerful siren, Smart Alarm that automatically recognizes vibration frequency and emergency alarm that prevent anti-hijacking.
Entertainment – Has a USB port that charges your phone on the go. It also has a Bluetooth speaker that can be connected to your phone to play music on the go.

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